Clarins @Home: let’s choose innovation!
Article - 07.09.23

Clarins @Home: let’s choose innovation!

From virtual consultations to excellence training for our Beauty Coaches, the Clarins Group is banking on a new paradigm shift: reconciling our brand’s age-old know-how in customer care with a best-in-class digitized customer/vendor experience. This shift is embodied by our new program dedicated to beauty enthusiasts living in the United States: Clarins @Home.

Clarins @Home: Innovate with a more independent approach to selling and turn it into a real adventure!

Professional norms and behaviors are evolving faster and faster, and so are the expectations of beauty enthusiasts and professionals, in the quest of flexibility, autonomy and independence.

With Clarins @Home, we give beauty coaches the freedom to choose when, where and how they want to work while at the same time providing them with a well-rounded integration program and the transmission of our Group’s core values.

The main innovation of this program? Everything is available online! Beauty Coaches won’t have to buy our products, because they’ll sell them directly from the website.

This unique platform is conceived as this:

  • An inclusive program, open to any American over the age of 18 who is not already employed by the Clarins brand or by a retail outlet such as Sephora.
  • A three-stage path designed for simplicity, focused on action:

1) Discovery: candidates visit the website

2) Launch: a welcome email containing a personal URL and training material is sent

3) Build: stronger relationships with their clients, while receiving their commission (20%) on items sold.

  • A 100% independent experience: Each Clarins Beauty Coach is an independent contractor. There are no commitments or requirements in terms of working hours and location, and the coaches can not only choose their place of work but also their pace of work.

This program offers the advantages of independence while creating a sense of belonging to the Clarins brand and Beauty Coach community. For us, innovation also means being open-minded about new ways of thinking about our historic profession.

Our presence in US

As of today, more than 350 employees based in our stores or our corporate offices in New York, NY, Orangeburg, NY, and Miami, FL distribute Clarins products throughout the United States. Clarins @Home offers an unparalleled opportunity to expand the reach of our brand in the United States.

Through this 100% digital program, every Beauty Coach will be able to follow their passion and help others by introducing our products and values to their circle of clients, family and friends. Decentralizing points of sale and fostering trust and autonomy outside our points of sale will enable us to reach a wider customer base.

Combining tradition and digitalization

Clarins @Home innovation is a continuation of the digital journey we’ve been building for our customers for many years! This program allows us to combine technological development with the historical expertise specific to the Clarins brand.

Since our e-commerce platform in 2011, our Group has never stopped using digital to enrich our customers’ experience. Our belief: the digital experience must support and reinforce Clarins’ consulting expertise, which has always placed human contact at the heart of its values.

That’s why our website is evolving to reinforce the closeness between our customers and our beauty coaches and support them as closely as possible to their needs, where it be virtual consultations or beauty diagnostics. Everything is designed to improve the experience of our customers even when they’re not in one of our stores.

By integrating a 100% digital sales and training path for the first time, Clarins @Home will strengthen the link between beauty coaches and customers following an interactive path, with personalized advice, to imagine the beauty of tomorrow together.

Behind the innovation

At Clarins, continuous innovation drives the future of beauty. Every day, we encourage our employees to develop their entrepreneurial mindset, propose new ideas and challenge our ways of working.

In 2022, we launched our first-ever company-wide innovation contest – an opportunity for our teams all around the world to brainstorm on ways to further enhance the consumer experience.

Close to 450 employees from all over the world assembled in teams to create a new service for our customers, and 8 short-listed projects benefitted from a personalized coaching in intrapreneurship to further develop their idea before submitting it to our executive team.

Less than a year after our international ideation challenge, we are delighted to see Clarins@Home, the winning project, come to life!