Founded in 2007 by Olivier Courtin, myBlend has always been devoted to the concept of global, expert, personalized beauty. Revamped in 2022 to be more in line with women’s expectations today and tomorrow, myBlend is present in Europe and is already pursuing its international adventure.

Audacity, agility and intrapreneurship are the keywords that define myBlend—an incubator for disruptive ideas within the Group, backed by a team that is passionate about contemporary beauty.

flagship opened in 2022, La Maison myBlend
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Offering a new way to experience beauty. More comprehensive. More personalized. More socially and environmentally conscious.
Olivier Courtin
Managing Director

Nutri + Derma + Tech: the power of synergies

Since women today no longer want to have to choose between effectiveness and clean beauty, technology and nature, myBlend takes a comprehensive approach to beauty. The power of synergies, developed by myBlend, is a combination of supplements to nourish the skin from the inside, skincare products to enhance and adjust, and beauty tech, including an LED mask to stimulate cells close-up.

myBlend: the secret behind its effectiveness

The effectiveness of myBlend treatments is underpinned by highly concentrated products—be they active ingredients or red light for the LED mask—paired with respect for the skin’s tolerance threshold and microbiota.

All myBlend skincare products share a common denominator: an exclusive combination of four biomimetic peptides [Peptides-complex]4P to stimulate the skin’s natural mechanisms paired with reference molecules such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, enzymes, and retinol to remedy targeted concerns, and fermented turmeric extract to boost the skin’s defenses.


The future of beauty will be increasingly connected

To access personalized myBlend prescriptions, customers complete SkinDiag, which combines a photograph, for analysis of skin signs, with a lifestyle questionnaire to take the customer’s environment and lifestyle into account. It then suggests the most personalized and effective routine possible.

And since technology provides infinite possibilities, myBlend takes things even further by providing access to all of its proof of effectiveness and expert use advice as well as transparent traceability and easy repurchasing for all products. All in just a few seconds via a smartphone thanks to QR codes on the boxes and NFC chips on bottles and jars.

The myBlend spa: the best of touch and tech

Available at the spas of our partner luxury hotels and at our Parisian flagship, Maison MyBlend, opened in September 2022, myBlend products aim for optimal effectiveness by combining highly concentrated formulas with expert application and cutting-edge aesthetic technologies. A revolutionary beauty experience for immediate, visible effectiveness and ultimate well-beingwhich is already being exported around the world with the opening of the myBlend spa at the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto (Canada).

An authentic brand committed to corporate social responsibility

The myBlend brand embodies a new take on luxury—one all women are looking for: authentic, responsible and committed to protecting people and the planet.

This approach begins with our products thanks to clean formulas and packaging made of easy-to-recycle materials, which contains less than 4% plastic for the range as a whole.

Meeting women’s expectations today and tomorrow is also about boosting women’s self-confidence. MyBlend supports the La Maison des Femmes women’s shelter, which treats and provides support for women who have been victims of violence.

Iconic products

A personalized routine underpinned by the power of the synergy between skincare, supplements and high-tech tools.