Caring for people

Caring for people means being aware of our social responsibility and lending a listening ear to help those with whom we are in contact: our employees, the women and men who trust our products, as well as wider society.

Our collaborators

From pay to benefits, training, mobility, gender equality, and equity, we aim to be exemplary. Listening to employees plays a key role in our HR policy and proximity management approach, which reconcile performance, caring, and well-being in the workplace.

B Corp certification by 2024

The demanding B Corp certification process is part of our approach to strengthening the reciprocal commitment and loyalties between Clarins and its employees. Planned for 2024, it will provide recognition for our progress in the areas of management and workplace well-being as well as positive social and environmental impact.

gender equality Index (France, 2022)
69 %
women in top management
96 %
of our employees support the company’s values*

Our customers and stakeholders

Clarins, which launched “customer cards” in 1954, has always placed attention to and close observation of women’s needs at the heart of its model. Today our spas and stores remain crucial tools for assessing their aspirations and expectations in order to develop the products they want.

Clarins has thousands of loyal clients. But for us, every one of them is unique.
Jacques Courtin-Clarins
Clarins founder

Codesigning products alongside customers

An open dialogue with women underpins product development at Clarins. First, we study their expectations. During development, we conduct tests to get their opinions on a new formula. Next, we consult them again on how they incorporate the product into their skincare routine and use the product’s packaging.

This approach applies worldwide, with dedicated panels for each type of skin and complexion. We develop products suitable for all women.

Working together to transform the industry

Together we can have a bigger impact on social and environmental challenges, so we believe in a collaborative approach to interdisciplinary issues in cosmetics.  Clarins is currently a member or founder of several collective projects: eco-beauty score, the Responsible Beauty Initiative, Spice, Change Now and more.

women surveyed in 2020
testimonials collected in 2022 in 2022
100 %
of purchases (stores and monitored for NPS in 2021 (90/100 rating)

Quality, safety and transparency

Taking care of people is first and foremost about taking care of the women and men who trust our products. For us, a good product is one that is effective, but also irreproachable in terms of safety, naturality and transparency.

By 2025, we are committed to making 100% of our sourcing sustainable. As of 2022, it is already at almost 90%.

Effectiveness and naturality

The effectiveness of Clarins products is underpinned by the remarkable quality of our formulas. Developed exclusively in France, at our laboratory and plant in Pontoise, they always give pride of place to ingredients of natural origin. They account for over 80% of product composition.

Safety and traceability

Each of our formulas is tested over 250 times during development, and all of our ingredients are selected in compliance with all international and national legislation.

When it comes to transparency, we also aim for excellence: product composition is always available to consumers, and our TRUST blockchain technology guarantees traceability. TRUST provides consumers with access to all the information regarding the origin of the plants found in the product as well as the steps involved and date of manufacture.

tests and audits during formula development
100 %
of the skincare catalogue reformulated for more natural ingredients from 2018 to 2021
manufacturing/production site, in Pontoise, France

Our solidarity initiatives

Another measure of a company’s performance is the positive impact it can have on society and the environment. Everywhere we operate, Clarins aims to support those in need: children, people fighting illnesses and local communities.


Supporting children means choosing to protect the future. At both the local and international level, our group backs, funds or leads several programs including:

  • Le prix Clarins pour l’enfance which, for the past 25 years, has recognized admirable women in 14 countries who strive to improve children’s lives. Today we support 15 charities and help 60,000 children via this award.
  • For over a decade, Clarins has contributed to providing children all over the world with more than 41 million school meals. In 2024, Clarins started a new collaboration with Mary’s Meal, an international charity organisation founded by Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow and providing proper nutrition to schoolchildren for over twenty years.

La Fondation Arthritis

Founded by Jacques Courtin in 1989 and now chaired by Olivier Courtin, La Fondation Arthritis funds research projects and support programs for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis as well as other rheumatic diseases and musculoskeletal disorders. Clarins has contributed nearly 20 million euros to the foundation via 600 different financing projects earmarked for studies, collaborative projects and subsidies.

Our fair trade programs

We set up and currently support 23 fair trade supply chains all over the world—in India, Madagascar, Burkina Faso and Côte d’Ivoire. Alongside them, we aim to promote fair and sustainable agriculture that takes care of both people and the planet.

children supported via the Prix Clarins pour l’enfance
projects funded by La Fondation Arthritis since 1989
fair trade supply chains worldwide