Training to pass on our commitment to listening to customers, our expertise and our vision. Training has always been an integral part of our DNA. For our customers, it guarantees the expert, personalized experience provided by our Beauty Talents. For our employees, it provides them with the opportunity to keep learning and to reveal all their talent.

Advising women: invaluable expertise

Preserving proximity with our customers

Clarins is the product of the avant-garde vision of a man who wanted to cultivate close relationships with his customers.

Very early on, Jacques Courtin-Clarins came to understand that this close relationship would only stand the test of time if the beauty advisors, now known as Beauty Coaches and Beauty Therapists, shared his vision.

A true culture of training was born, to offer all our customers an unforgettable experience. Thus, we are committed to training our Beauty Coaches in the sales ritual and in our expert touch, which has become a reference.

Training ambassadors

Our Beauty Coaches and Beauty Therapists are the most precious link between our brands and customers. They bring the Clarins experience to life in our stores and keep it going long after customers have left. Thanks to regular trainings on our products, the sales ritual, the science of plants, our CSR commitments and our expert touch, our Beauty Talents are true ambassadors when it comes to our brands and their DNA. to make their knowhow available to all, Clarins developed the “Clarins and me” service—a free digital beauty consultation that provides personalized beauty advice on par with the service provided in our points of sale.

Helping our Beauty Talents
to grow

Thanks to their close relationships with customers, our Beauty Talents have an in-depth understanding of their needs, and their expertise is recognized in all our markets. We are immensely proud to be an incubator for talent and to support our Beauty Coaches as they grow in the field or move toward other professions within the Group thanks to personalized training.

Developing all our talents:
a top priority

100 %
of our employees have access to a training program.
100 %
of our employees attended a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training.

At Clarins, learning is part of our mindset. From their first days on the job and regardless of their profession, our new employees attend a comprehensive training program to learn about our brands and commitments so they can join the ranks of our best ambassadors.

Then, throughout their time at the company, we invite every employee to cultivate their curiosity and play an active role in their development to reach their full potential.

Since we firmly believe that learning should be lifelong, we provide a core curriculum of training programs for all as well as bespoke trainings which are constantly evolving to keep pace with current and future needs.

We are proud to support our talents as they develop new skills and to encourage them to forge their own paths in a stimulating environment.

Life at Clarins

We are fully committed to providing a welcoming, demanding and fulfilling environment for our employees, whether they’re in the field or in our offices around the world. Learn more about the adventure we can provide.