Privacy policy

This policy was updated on 26/09/2022.

The privacy of visitors to our site and respecting the most current laws and regulations regarding privacy are of utmost importance to us.

This policy pertains to site visitors and candidates who apply to one or more job or internship offers published by the Clarins Group, in particular on the websites and (hereafter “the Websites”), job search websites, social networks (LinkedIn, etc.), recruitment agencies, trade fairs and forums.

It is designed to help you better understand the personal data protection policy we apply. We reserve the right to update it at any time. All changes will be published on this page and, if need be, you will be notified. We invite you to become familiar with it before submitting any personal data and to consult it regularly.

You can download and archive this document as a PDF by clicking here. To open the PDF, you must have Adobe Reader (free software downloadable at or a similar software application that can open PDF documents.

1 – About us

Clarins, whose headquarters are located at 9 rue du Commandant Pilot, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, provides the Websites to enable the different entities within the Clarins Group to manage hiring.

Each hiring entity within the Clarins Group is responsible for data processing.

2 – When do we collect your personal data?

We collect your personal data when you:

  • Visit our Websites;
  • Create a candidate profile;
  • Submit a speculative application or apply for a listed job;
  • Create a custom job alert;
  • Authorize us to check your references;
  • Contact us;
  • Authorize third parties such as recruitment agencies, job search websites or social networks (LinkedIn, etc.) to share your data with us.

3 – What personal data do you collect?

We consider all information that can directly or indirectly identify you to be “personal data”. We are most likely to collect the following types of personal data:

  • Data pertaining to your identity, in particular your title, last name, first name, mailing address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, birthdate and age;
  • Data pertaining to your professional experience, in particular the information found in your resume or cover letter (education, previous employers, etc.);
  • Public data, in particular information posted on social networks like LinkedIn;
  • Self-reported data, in particular answers to recruitment tests or questionnaires, economic and financial information (desired salary, etc.) and references;
  • Technical data, such as your IP address and navigation information for your device;
  • Other data you provide as part of your job or internship search or which we obtain from third parties.

4 – Why do we collect personal data?

We collect your personal data for some or all of the following reasons:

  • To manage the site and improve the quality of service (legitimate interests);
  • To create a candidate profile (consent);
  • To process applications and manage hiring procedures (precontractual measures). Answers to questions asked or a failure to answer optional questions will not result in discriminatory treatment from Clarins;
  • To build a résumé library and advertise job and internship offers within the Clarins Group (legitimate interests);
  • To suggest job offers that match your search (consent);
  • To contact references by phone or e-mail (consent). If you share contact information for a reference, you are responsible for making sure the person has been informed and agreed;
  • To select profiles, via partial automation, under supervision of an HR or department employee (legitimate interests);
  • To handle any requests for information or complaints (consent) or any other communication related to your rights (legal obligation).

5 – With whom do we share your personal data?

We do not sell or rent your personal data to other companies for sales purposes or for any other reason.

Clarins is an international group present in many countries. Its headquarters are located in France. The personal data we collect is intended for trained personnel working at the Clarins Group entity or entities managing hiring for the job in question and the corporate office, which is responsible for ensuring the Website remains operational. In line with the uses outlined in this privacy policy and subject to your authorization, your data may be shared with all of the Group’s companies if it is deemed necessary, in particular to suggest jobs likely to interest you abroad. Our subsidiaries are located in the following countries: France, South Africa, Germany, Australia, Austria, Benelux, Canada, China, South Korea, Dubai, Spain, the United States, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland and Taiwan. If deemed necessary, each of these companies can independently process and use your data in their own name, in line with the uses outlined by this privacy policy.

Your data can also be shared with service providers, chosen for their expertise and reliability, who act in our name and according to our instructions, in particular to provide services for you (IT subcontractor, recruitment agency, etc.). We only authorize these providers to use your personal data when necessary to provide services in our name or to comply with legal obligations and we do our utmost to ensure your personal data is always protected.

These third parties can be from countries included in the European Economic Community (EEC) or not. They may be from countries that do not offer the same level of privacy protection as your home country. In such situations, in line with applicable laws, we will either:

  • Conclude data transfer agreements in line, at the very least, with the model clauses adopted by the European Commission;
  • Or follow Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) approved by the competent authorities;
  • Or obtain your express and unequivocal consent to share your personal data with these third parties or to use another valid legal base in line with applicable laws.

Lastly, we may also share your personal data with local authorities if it is required by law or as part of an investigation in line with applicable regulations.

6 – How do we protect your data?

Clarins implements appropriate technical and organizational measures with respect to the nature of the data and the risk associated with processing it, to ensure your personal data remains secure and confidential, in particular to prevent them from being corrupted, damaged, or shared with unauthorized third parties.

These measures may include practices such as limiting access to data by personnel in the departments authorized to access it depending on their roles, enforcing contractual guarantees when working with third parties, conducting privacy studies, regularly looking into our practices and privacy policies and/or physical and/or logical security measures (secured access, authentication, backup copies, antivirus software, firewalls, pseudonymization, encryption, etc.).

7 – What is our policy regarding minors?

The Website is not designed for and does not target minors.

We do not knowingly collect or process personal data pertaining to minors. If we were made aware of a situation where a minor’s personal data was collected without authorization from the person who holds parental rights over the minor, we would take appropriate measures to contact the person and/or, if necessary, to delete the personal data from our servers and/or those of our service providers.

8 – What is our policy regarding cookies and other tracking technologies?

Cookies and other tracking technologies refers to all tools that access information already stored on your device or to store new information on it.

When you first visit the Website, we inform you about why we use cookies and who our partners are so you can make an informed decision.

We ask for your authorization before depositing and/or reading the cookies on your device unless their sole purpose is to permit or facilitate use of our Website or they are strictly necessary to providing a service you expressly requested.

The trackers used on our site are mostly designed to record visit and navigation statistics for our Website and to provide additional services.

You can modify your cookie preferences at any time:

  • Our consent management toolallows you to provide or withdraw your consent for each specific and unique purpose;
  • The help menu in your browser lets you know how to modify your cookie preferences.

We would like to remind you that your preference may result in a suboptimal experience of our services. Lastly, please note that to apply your preferences, we use a cookie. If you delete all of the cookies from your device (via your browser), we (or our partners) will no longer be able to apply your preferences.

By default, we keep your preferences (both consent and refusal) on file for six months.

9 – How long is your personal data kept on file?

We make sure not to keep your personal data any longer than what is necessary for the uses outlined in this privacy policy or in line with applicable laws.

As a general rule:

  • If your application is not successful, we inform you if we wish to keep your profile on file. In this case, if you do not refuse, we keep the data for a limited time defined in line with applicable laws and the archive policy of the Clarins Group entity or entities managing hiring for the job in question (e.g. At the group’s French entities, 12 months from the data of last contact, i.e. last connection to your profile or last job application). When that time is up, we may contact you to see if you would like us to keep your file longer. If we do not receive an explicitly positive response, your data will be deleted or archived in line with current regulations;
  • If your application results in hiring, data pertaining to employees is kept on file during their time at the Clarins Group and/or in line with current legal obligations;
  • Data required to establish rights or existence of a contract, or kept to ensure compliance with a legal obligation is archived in line with current regulations.

10 – What are your rights with respect to your personal data and how can you contact us?

In line with applicable regulations, you have a right to access, correct, delete and transfer information that concerns you as well as the right to refuse or limit its processing. You can withdraw your consent at any time. You can also provide instructions for the storage, deletion and communication of your personal data after your death. To exercise these rights, you must submit a request and prove your identity:

  • By e-mail, write to [email protected] or to the head of Human Resources at the entity in charge of hiring for the job in question, whose contact information features at the bottom of the job description;
  • By mail, send correspondence to the address below or to the head of Human Resources at the entity in charge of hiring for the job in question, whose contact information features at the bottom of the job description;

Groupe Clarins
Group Human Resources / Corporate Communications
12 avenue de la Porte des Ternes
75017 Paris

We will inform you of any measures taken following your request as quickly as possible and within a month of receipt at the latest. However, we reserve the right to ignore clearly unfounded or excessive requests.

In line with applicable regulations,  you can also file a complaint with the competent authorities in charge of data privacy or apply for legal review if your data is used inappropriately.

For any questions related to this privacy policy, please contact our Data Protection Delegate (DPD):

Groupe Clarins
Group Legal & Compliance  / Data Protection Delegate
12 avenue de la Porte des Ternes
75017 Paris