Caring for the planet

Preserving resources and limiting human impact on the planet’s ecosystems is not enough. We must proactively work to transform the world and restore its beauty, which some human activities have altered. At Clarins, this ideal drives our actions so that we can pass on the most beautiful planet possible to future generations.


Environmental impact

To fight climate chance, we must first reduce our environmental impact in France and worldwide.

In 2020, we achieved carbon neutrality thanks to our emissions reduction and offsetting programs. In 2025, we will achieve a second milestone by reducing our carbon footprint by a further 30%. In the meantime, we are constantly working to address every aspect that impacts our environmental footprint.

100 %
our energy consumption is covered by renewables in France
of our suppliers rated by Ecovadis
of our freight shipped by plane (capped at 2% in 2025)

Our plants and ingredients

Organic and regenerative agriculture drives our approach.  Since Clarins was founded in 1954, plants have been at the heart of all our products.

Protecting nature, which provides the majority of our ingredients, is an integral part of our history and our way of doing things. We are firmly committed to not only protecting but also improving biodiversity.


When you work closely with plants, you have to love nature and want to protect and respect the people who grow them.
Virginie Courtin
Managing Director
100 %
of our skincare catalogue revamped to increase naturality from 2018 to 2021
species of plants were harvested at Domaine Clarins in 2020
Clarins has become a member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade

Circular economy

Once we achieved carbon neutrality in 2020, we committed to reaching plastic neutrality in 2025. To reach this goal, Clarins applies the 3R method—Recycle, Reduce, Reuse—to all steps in production. Our product packaging is the number one target of our continuous improvement approach.

63 %
of our packaging made of glass and recyclable cardboard
100 %
of outer cartons made using FSC paper from sustainably-managed forests
90 %
of our packaging made of glass (with a minimum of 25% recycled glass)

Protecting nature and biodiversity

Passing on a more beautiful planet is about taking our commitments beyond the scope of our business to ensure we have a positive impact on the earth. For many years, we have encouraged, funded and supported initiatives that protect nature and biodiversity around the globe.

Companies have a duty to help build a desirable future.
Olivier Courtin
Managing Director
charities and environmental organizations supported each year
No. 1
private donor of the AFC (French Association of Wild Plant Pickers)
species protected
trees planted since 2012