The Clarins Innovation World Cup is back!
Article - 05.02.24

The Clarins Innovation World Cup is back!

January marked the launch of the 2nd edition of the Clarins Innovation World Cup, our internal ideation challenge. Through June, we’re gearing up to welcome another wave of exceptional ideas from our employees around the world!  

Nurturing our entrepreneurial mindset

At Clarins, we’re proud to trace our innovations back to our talents. We celebrate being bold, asking questions, and challenging the status quo, as these qualities have always helped define our group as a pioneering brand.

Since its start, Clarins has been at the forefront of innovation, consistently pushing boundaries not only in product development but also in service offerings. We firmly believe that our pioneering spirit and commitment to innovation are deeply rooted in the talents that drive our success.

We created the Clarins Innovation World Cup to take these convictions to the next level. Our company-wide innovation contest amplifies the ideas of even more of our employees and capitalizes on their capabilities and expertise. It allows us to source and fast-track new projects from our diverse pool of talents while remaining aligned with our group’s strategy.

More than a challenge: an opportunity to learn and grow

During the first edition of our Innovation World Cup, in 2022, nearly 400 employees teamed up to submit their ideas and concepts on a specific theme: the consumer experience.   , the winning project rolled out to beauty enthusiasts living in the U.S., is our first ever fully digital sales and training path.

But the Innovation World Cup welcomed nearly 150 quality submissions, short-listing just eight in total. The teams behind the short-list received personalized coachings from experts in intrapreneurship to help develop key skills, equipping them to continue their pursuit of innovation within Clarins.

Together, let’s make the 2024 edition of the Innovation World Cup another chapter in our legacy of groundbreaking ideas and innovative experiences. We’re poised to make the future more beautiful with the brilliance of our collective innovation.