Research and Development

At the heart of Clarins Research & Development lies our commitment to listening to our customers. But our scientists also listen to and observe nature in all its facets. Our passionate, interdisciplinary team explores the world on the lookout for the best plants have to offer and takes its inspiration from nature’s power to create safe, effective, responsible products that are a pleasure to use.

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The art of formulation

What makes the Clarins art of formulation unique? We aim to find the best possible combination of ingredients in the right proportions to achieve the desired benefits for the skin and an enjoyable sensory experience in terms of texture, feel, color and fragrance. Next, we test the formula’s efficacy in vitro (on cell models) or in vivo (physical measurements, imaging or consumer testing).

Our Super Restorative Rose Radiance Cream is a day cream that rekindles the skin’s natural rosy glow. It owes its effectiveness to a combination of exfoliating acids extracted from hibiscus flowers, radiance-boosting pearl and organic harungana extract.

For over 70 years our customers have trusted us because they know that safety has always been a priority at Clarins. Each formula undergoes more than 250 tests—both in vitro and ex vivo, i.e. on volunteers under medical supervision. Each ingredient is selected in line with all regulations, and we do not hesitate to ban allowed ingredients whose safety is still up for scientific debate.

Every time you use a Clarins product, you indulge in a moment of pleasure and well-being. Working with sensory analysts trained by Clarins, we aim to create formulas that ravish the senses. To that end, we conduct our tests with consumers representative of a wide range of ethnicities.

Innovative packaging

Every product has its own unique packaging. Beyond aesthetics, we are constantly researching packaging to optimize user-friendliness and formula preservation.

The effectiveness of the Double Serum is partly due to its unique packaging, which is made of two bottles in one. It blends the two separate formulas together according to a golden ratio for a perfect dose of every time. And this technological feat is also the product of eco-design, made with responsible materials and limited waste.

Reduced environmental impact

Thanks to the circular economy, we are minimizing the environmental impact of our business and our products. In terms of packaging, we aim to achieve plastic neutrality by using more and more recyclable and/or refillable packaging as well as recycled materials.