Clarins has been our historic brand since it was founded by Jacques Courtin-Clarins. Born in a beauty institute and based on plant science, Clarins has become a recognized leader in skin care and in make-up over the course of its nearly 70 years of existence.

Driven by an approach that prioritizes continuous innovation and respect for nature, the brand’s success is also underpinned by the close relationship and dialogue it cultivates with its customers. The brand continues to grow steadily worldwide in order to fulfill its mission of accompanying all women, in every moment of their lives.

Clarins founded by Jacques Courtin-Clarins
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Prestige Skincare brand in total Europe*
True beauty results, powered by plant science and an ongoing dialogue with women. With absolute respect and without compromise.
Katalin Berenyi
Clarins Brand General Manager

Women inspire us

Clarins’ success is underpinned by a profound respect for women and a focus on customer proximity. Clarins is the first brand—and was the only brand for many years—to solicit reviews from customers by including blank cards in packaging.

This dialogue continues today at the brand’s thousands of points of sale and 29 e-commerce sites as well as on social networks, where Clarins has a community of nearly 4 million followers.

Using plant science to create the beauty of tomorrow

Using the power of plants, Clarins reveals every woman’s natural beauty. This pioneering vision of beauty was formulated, perpetuated and carefully handed over to the next generation by Jacques Courtin-Clarins. Over 250 active ingredients are used for the benefits they bring to all of Clarins Laboratories skin care and make-up formulas.

As part of our constant quest for perfection, we are always looking for a way to further enhance our formulas by adding the latest scientific, technological and botanical innovations. This culture of excellence has led Clarins to develop truly iconic products such as our Double Serum treatment, which has been reformulated seven times for ever-increasing efficacy, is currently sold every 4 seconds  worldwide, and has won 430 prizes. Our Lip Comfort Oil make-up also embodies this philosophy: it was reformulated in 2022 to be even more natural and sensorial.

Professional expertise, straight from our spas

Every guesture counts. The Clarins art of touch combine precise hand movements with the application methods first developed in our spas and our in-depth knowledge of the skin. This expertise continues to grow and evolve as it is passed on by expert beauticians at more than 125 Clarins stores and nearly 600 spa treatment rooms located in department stores and partner hotels worldwide.

Increasingly responsible beauty

We are committed to innovating sustainably and respectfully by creating Clarins products that embody our expertise and engagements.

To do so, we have invested in responsible sourcing, which prioritizes organic and responsibly-sourced ingredients, as well as in the circular economy and in ensuring our products deliver the best in terms of safety and quality. Lastly, we are also committed to a vision of beauty free of animal suffering. An early defender of animal rights, Clarins stopped all animal testing well before European regulations officially outlawed it. In certain countries, the authorities require animal testing to approve ingredient or product safety. Clarins works proactively with these countries to substitute in vitro alternatives.

Iconic products

A complete beauty routine for everyone at any age. Here are a few of the most popular products from our extensive catalogue.