Discover the Lip Oil Balm Innovation: [Not just a Lip Balm]
Article - 18.06.24

Discover the Lip Oil Balm Innovation: [Not just a Lip Balm]

"From the beginning, we have been dedicated to making our make-up true skincare formulas. It acts as a protective treatment with visible results on bare skin day after day. After being the first to offer lip oils, we are taking on a new challenge with Lip Oil Balm and reinventing the iconic Lip Comfort Oil: vibrant color, long-lasting nourishment, and hydration in a unique oil stick." - Dr. Olivier Courtin-Clarins

Clarins Innovation: A Plant-Based Infusion

With a remarkable formulation feat boasting 99% skincare ingredients, Clarins Laboratories, leveraging their 70 years of expertise, have incorporated a powerful plumping peptide into the Lip Oil Balm. This peptide stimulates hyaluronic acid synthesis for perfect moisturized and plumped lips. Lip Oil Balm is infused with 30% oil extracts (a unique trio composed of rosehip, organic jojoba, and hazelnut oils) to provide comfort, nourishment, and protection. And because Clarins always goes further, this formula is enriched with 96% natural origin ingredients.


The Double Performance of Clarins

Lip Oil Balm offers double performance, a signature of Clarins make-up: instant make-up results and long-term skincare benefits.

  • It creates an instant Baby Lips effect for lips that are subtly colored, naturally shiny, plumped, and smoothed from the first application*. Make-up-enhanced lips are immediately 20% plumper and fuller**.
  • After 5 days, lips are more beautiful even when bare***, with a 26% improvement in repair**.
  • After 13 days, bare lips are 30% smoother****, resulting in more beautiful, smooth, and nourished lips day after day.

*Clnical test carried out on 33 women after application of the product. Improvement for 100% of volunteers in the 4 parameters of the BABY LIPS INDEX (radiance, homogeneity, plump & smooth look of lips).

**Self-evalutation on a structured scale, 110 women

***Consumer test, 110 women

****Self-evaluation on a structured scale, 109 women

Unmatched Sensory Experience and Eco-Conscious Makeup

Comfort, freshness, softness—everything is here.

A melting, indulgent texture with a subtle fragrance that fuses with the lips: reminiscent of the discreet vanilla-blueberry scent of the iconic Lip Comfort Oil. Its slanted tip hugs the lips for precise and even application. Very easy to apply and ideal for quick touch-ups throughout the day, even without a mirror!

Six sheer, luminous colors with irresistible shine, housed in a translucent tinted case to better reflect the make-up result, featuring the Clarins signature ring. The lid of the Lip Oil Balm contains 30% recycled plastic for more responsible beauty.

Clarins Lip Oil Balm is [Not just a lip balm] ; it’s a true revolution in lip care. Thanks to its innovative and eco-friendly formula, it offers a unique sensory experience while ensuring nourished, moisturized, and radiant lips day after day. Congratulations to the entire Clarins team for this new product!