We aim to make life more beautiful and, beyond that, to use our passion and determination to make the world a better place and restore its beauty. True to these principles, our CSR strategy blends with our corporate strategy. Both are a driving force behind our Clarins We Care approach. We want it to be exemplary, for you, for us, for society and for the planet.

Clarins We Care

Clarins we care is the approach that brings together all of our initiatives and commitments to society and the environment for a big-picture view. It urges us to honor our twofold promise—caring for people, caring for the planet—every single day.  


our twofold promise

Caring for people

We listen and act to forge strong ties to all of our communities: our employees, who benefit from an exemplary HR policy; our customers, whom we support with advice and skincare products that are as innovative as they are effective; and society at large, where we aim to cultivate equity and solidarity via awards, initiatives and a foundation which we have backed for many years.

Caring for the planet

Nature inspires us and guides our actions. Plants lie at the heart of our products, and we know that we owe them much. That’s why Clarins is fully committed to organic agriculturel, sustainable sourcing, responsible purchasing, ecodesign for all packaging, fair trade, agroecology, reforestation and more.

For everything we do, we weigh what our actions cost the planet against what they give back.

In terms of respecting people and the planet, we set out to be exemplary, a standard which we apply to our entire corporate strategy. The commitments we make allow each person to measure our progress and expect concrete results.
Jonathan Zrihen
President & CEO

Committed to a better tomorrow

Aiming to achieve concrete results, we have based our approach to continuous improvement on measurable milestones. They guide our decisions and set the framework for our performance—for you and for the planet.