Clarins Group celebrates Pride Month
Article - 02.08.23

Clarins Group celebrates Pride Month

Year-round, our employees are #ProudtobeClarins. Pride Month and every month, we’re committed to honoring and celebrating their unique identities.

At Clarins, we want  our employees to feel free to be themselves, without fear of any judgement.  This means ensuring an inclusive, diverse and equitable working environment by fostering a culture of belonging, respect, and empathy.

More than an extension of our Group’s core pledge to care for people, this commitment is inscribed in our DEI mission. Since its launch at the end of 2021, our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion task force has developed a Group policy that spans our 28 subsidiaries across the globe; defined concrete, measurable goals; and rolled out new initiatives at global and local levels.

Join us for a tour of some of the highlights and initiatives of our teams around the world!

Our North American subsidiaries were thrilled to show support for the LGBTQI+ community as a part of their local Pride March celebrations. In New York city, the Clarins USA DEI committee partnered for the very first time with NYC Pride for PrideFest 2023, a street fair which occurs in tandem with the NYC Pride March. Clarins Canada also joined their local Pride festival in the heart of downtown Toronto. Both subsidiaries hosted fun and engaging booths that went beyond gifting Clarins samples. They invited passersby to discover our actions for DEI, to explore our defining CSR values, and to show off their own knowledge of Pride history through games and quizzes.

Clarins Spain invited our employees to show their solidarity at the office and on social media, creating a special photo space at our Madrid headquarters. As a part of our efforts to raise awareness and champion inclusivity at work, they amplified the personal story of Vanessa Caballero, the subsidiary’s gardener and proud member of the LGBTQI+ community. In addition to being a fellow plant lover and member of the Clarins Spain family, Vanessa is an elite boxer on a mission to break down barriers faced by LGBTQI+ athletes in the world of elite sports.

Awareness-raising was also a major aspect of Pride Month actions for our teams across France. In Paris, our HQ teams invited our employees to learn more about the experience of the LGBTQIA+ community in the workplace. External Diversity, Equity and Inclusion experts presented to our teams before staying on to continue the conversation, answering questions and sharing resources to empower everyone to create an inclusive workplace. Meanwhile, a first-ever educational campaign was set up at our manufacturing site in Pontoise. Organized around six LGBTQIA+ themes, the exposition shared definitions, key figures, and testimonials to help fight against stereotypes and discrimination.

For another year, our Clarins UK teams continued to honor Pride as a campaign for human rights, choosing the theme #AllOurPride to collectively stand in solidarity with the global Pride movement. Building on a year-round commitment, June marked the launch of new subsidiary-wide initiatives to raise visibility and fight social stigmas as well as two discussions on allyship and education. We also challenged our UK employees to a Pride-themed Bake Off, encouraging bakers and non-bakers alike to tap into their creativity and represent what Pride means to them.

Thanks to the mobilization of our DEI Task Force and local teams, this year’s Pride was one of our most memorable. However, these celebrations and actions aren’t limited to one month. We can’t wait to share more progress on our DEI journey as the year continues!