Clarins steps up its commitment to responsible sourcing
Article - 31.05.24

Clarins steps up its commitment to responsible sourcing

The Clarins group announces its acquisition of Domaine Sainte-Colombe, a vast natural area of 115 hectares located in the communes of Saint-Gilles and Générac near Nimes, France.

Develop the Clarins model of integrated and responsible sourcing: «from field to skin».

The Domaine, with its 50 hectares of farmland, will become a production and processing site for plants, according to the standards of regenerative agriculture and a laboratory for studying and researching new plant species.

Thanks to innovative farming practices and a unique hydrological approach, this project will effectively regenerate and improve the ecological areas on the site, to couple biodiversity with the highest quality production.

It allows Clarins to pursue its goal of combining traceability of raw materials with the highest quality, most effective formulas and ongoing innovation for ever more responsible beauty.

With the first cultivation planned for autumn 2024, there will eventually be around 50 species of trees and plants grown here. Nopal, quince, almond, apricot, lavender, lemon thyme, cornflower and many others will, in time, constitute one of the main supplies of high-quality, organic raw materials used in Clarins formulas.

Cultivate a third of the plants used in the manufacture of Clarins products

After Le Domaine de Serraval in Haute-Savoie, purchased in 2016 and which annually supplies 2.5 tons of plants for Clarins Laboratories and factories, this second Domaine will allow Clarins to radically change scale in terms of production of natural ingredients used in its products.

Virginie Courtin, Clarins Managing Director: «I am proud of this strategic advance towards an integrated, more vertical, ethical and sustainable supply. For 70 years, Clarins has harnessed the science of plants to develop ever more effective and innovative cosmetic formulas. The acquisition of the Domaine illustrates this approach of continued progress towards more excellence, safety and traceability, for all our clients ».

The first harvests are planned for 2025/2026 and the goal is for a third of the plants needed for the production of Clarins products to be cultivated on its two Domaines by 2030.

These Domaines with their specific microclimates – mountains and garrigue – and exceptional soils, provide the Clarins group with a unique supply source, enabling it to combine the quest for the highest quality ingredients with a constant desire to be more transparent and sustainable.

By meeting the highest standards in terms of quality, safety and traceability and respect for the environment, Clarins Domaines illustrate a genuine pioneering and rigorous approach to sourcing which reflects the Group’s values and its long-standing commitment to the planet and client satisfaction.


Communiqué de presse - Domaine Clarins Sainte Colombe