The Mugler brand opens the doors of its Parisian store

Mugler Paris has the pleasure of announcing the opening of its first store at the heart of Paris. 
Located at 67 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in fashion’s prestigious golden triangle, this 130-m2 space, designed by Jean-Christophe Poggioli and Pierre Beucler from Architecture & Associés, offers a unique perspective on the two facets of the Mugler world, namely fashion and fragrances.
Bold and geometric, enveloped in contrasting materials, it displays David Koma’s ready-to-wear collection for Mugler and houses a perfume organ: the Source. A daring and innovative concept available since 1992, the Mugler Source revives the age-old tradition of refilling your bottle at the point of sale rather than replacing it with a new one. The Source owes its success to its many advantages: refilling is a simple and environmentally friendly step that restores the prestige of each Mugler bottle, highlighting their aesthetic and precious dimension, while offering a unique, cutting-edge service dear to the Mugler brand. Exclusive to the new Mugler boutique, a unique Source design has been created for the Les Exceptions fragrance line. 
Les Exceptions: a collection of unique couture perfumes with original alchemies and fine ingredients, representing the quintessence of Mugler’s creative genius and designer expertise. Shaking up the status quo and boldly introducing improbable olfactory collisions, these eaux de parfum reinterpret the classic archetypes of traditional perfumery, taking them into the future and offering singular and unprecedented fragrance signatures. Each beautiful bottle in the collection can be endlessly refilled at the Source…
An original brand experience awaits visitors to the Mugler store.