Let’s celebrate 70 years of Clarins!
Article - 14.03.24

Let’s celebrate 70 years of Clarins!

In 2024, Clarins turns 70. From simple beauty institute in Paris to European leader in premium skin care for 70 years, we have stayed true to our original philosophy of listening, understanding and improving.

70 years ago, amongst the backdrop of the 1950s, when quick fixes and female stereotyping reigned supreme, Jacques Courtin-Clarins’ approach to beauty was both unique and innovative.

Instead of telling women what they should do, he listened, understood and empathized. Instead of always knowing, he sensed there was always more to learn. Instead of artificial ingredients, he trusted plants to bring his formulas to life.

Jacques Courtin-Clarins saw then what Clarins knows now. That beauty, happiness and well-being were inextricably linked. That true confidence comes from feeling good in your skin. He dedicated himself to making Clarins a lifelong friend, a trusted confidante for our customers, built on transparency and always accountable.

70 years and 2 generations later, Jacques Courtin-Clarins’ family and the Clarins Group continue to seek out beauty and share it.

From innovation to innovation

In every serum, mascara and beloved fragrance. From one challenge to the next. In every take, decision we make, every step we take, we continue to take responsibility for our actions.

Cultivating our forward-thinking perspective on beauty while staying true to our core values of honesty and respect.

Expressing our passion, sharing our expertise. From touch to touch, keeping up our constant dialogue with our customers.

Jacques Courtin-Clarins’ first products were innovative because they used plant science to solve skin problems. And because they combine insight with foresight, Clarins products have always been ahead of the curve. Today, permanent innovation continues to set Clarins apart.

70 years of beauty with you

For 70 years, Clarins have balanced deep values and daring innovation.

It has been 70 years of defining moments and stand-out products made with plant extracts.

70 years of working to create not only a more sustainable today but to hand over a more beautiful tomorrow.

70 years of our pioneering vision of effective beauty: beauty that contributes to health, harmony and happiness.

Join us throughout the year as we celebrate 70 years of Clarins!