Clarins x Albea Tubes : Another step towards a greener future !
Press kit - 17.01.24

Clarins x Albea Tubes : Another step towards a greener future !

Clarins and Albéa Tubes join forces to create lighter samples incorporating recycled plastic

Clarins and Albéa Tubes are collaborating on EcoLittle Top. This new flip-top closure system, adapted to the sample format, responds to the triple CSR challenge of relief, recyclability and the use of recycled materials. Aligned with the CSR commitments of both brands, EcoLittle Top reinvents Clarins samples.

Clarins will be upgrading its range of sample tubes with EcoLittle Top, the latest addition to the EcoTop range from Albéa Tubes. Thanks to the elimination of one component, EcoLittle Top offers a 47% weight reduction on the complete tube.

In line with Clarins’ and Albéa Tubes’ commitment to the circular economy, the tube incorporates 45% recycled material, thanks to Albéa Tubes’ PCR Max offer. This PCR PE solution combined with EcoLittle Top in HDPE is therefore single-material, making it recyclable in HDPE channels. The use of recycled plastic reduces the amount of virgin plastic used to produce the tubes.

“This innovation is the result of two years of close collaboration between our two teams. The CSR commitments and premium quality requirements of Clarins and Albéa Tubes were at the heart of product development. EcoLittle Top is a further consolidation of our CSR roadmap,” says Isabelle Séry, Sales Director at Albéa Tubes.

“We view all our innovations through the prism of sustainability, so it was natural for us to turn to Albéa Tubes for our samples. EcoLittle Top will be used for most Clarins ranges (Skincare and Make-up), with very few exceptions. We’re proud of this innovation, which is another step towards a more responsible industry”, says Philippe Briand, Director of Packaging Design, Direct Purchasing & Launch Coordination for Clarins.

About Clarins:

Founded in a professional Parisian beauty institute by Jacques Courtin-Clarins in 1954, Clarins has become the #1 prestige skincare brand in Europe*. 69 years later, the brand remains family-owned and is distributed in more than 140 countries, offering skin care innovations for face and body, make- up, men’s care and treatment fragrances. With unique expertise in phyto-chemistry, Clarins Laboratories are considered pioneers in the fields of plant science and technology.

Clarins is committed to responsible beauty so that its actions are sustainable. Its purpose, “Making life more beautiful, passing on a more beautiful world”, was included in the by-laws in 2021.