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“Mon Corps ce héros”: the first podcast by Clarins

In this non-promotional podcast, Clarins celebrates women’s bodies, circulates expert advice and shares complex-free personal stories—sometimes funny and always full of compassion—to support women through the major transformations of their bodies.  
Clarins has always been committed to supporting women’s beauty and well-being through every stage in their lives. As such, pregnancy has always been a major focus for the brand.  As early as 1966, Jacques and Olivier Courtin-Clarins wrote their first book, “Donner la vie en beauté” (“The Beauty of Giving Birth”) to help support women before, during and after pregnancy. It answers many of the questions women ask themselves and offers simple and practical everyday advice. Now, to keep pace with today’s high-tech, connected world, Clarins is whispering straight into women’s ears with the launch of its first podcast, made by women for women.
A complex-free celebration of women’s bodies
The first season of this series of podcasts focuses on pregnancy—a unique time in a woman’s life, during which she becomes fully aware of her body—with eight episodes devoted to specific themes: the breasts, the stomach, the senses, the digestive system, the skin, the hair, sexuality and circulation.  
The podcast aims to answer the questions women might not dare to ask out loud. It invites women to join an intimate discussion that is free of taboos and full of compassion. The lively conversation includes plenty of expert advice and good humor, for a complex-free celebration of women’s bodies. It’s all about the changing body, which undergoes fascinating—sometimes worrying—transformations, from the top of the head to the tips of the toes. It’s about learning to respect it, tame it, and love it.
Select contributors
The podcast is a space for discussion and sharing experiences, but it also includes expert contributions from osteopaths, physical therapists and specialist doctors. It is hosted by radio presenter and young mother Giuletta Canzani Mora, with help from midwife Jessica Bouaziz.
Give it a listen; we’re sure you’ll love it! Available in French from February 24 wherever you get your podcasts and at www.clarins.fr.