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ClarinsMen unveils its new ambassador

Clarins perpetuates its avant-garde spirit through this partnership with Fabrice Amedeo, who shares ClarinsMen’s quest for efficacy. A shared aspiration and two similar objectives: offer the best and strive to surpass limits.
This journalist is passionate about the ocean and father to three girls. Fabrice Amedeo left his his job in 2015 to fulfill a dream: participate in the Vendée Globe, an around the world sailboat race, alone and without making any stops nor receiving assistance. He was alone for 103 days and experienced the freezing spray of southern seas, a storm upon arriving at Cape Horn, the desperate calm of a high-pressure system, the heat of trade winds. Fabrice chose to participate in this challenge and sent videos and text messages of his adventure every day that recounted his victories on the ocean. This was how he shared the magic of the open sea with everyone.
Fabrice Amedeo perfectly incarnates the ClarinsMen values: passion, commitment, audacity, determination. And, more importantly, sharing with the largest number of people the excellence of research.