Azzaro dives to the heart of the Under The Pole expedition

Azzaro is now “The brand that celebrates life,” allowing men and women alike to play with fate, make their own luck and dare to follow their dreams to the end. Through brand launches and initiatives, this new energy is inviting everyone to live their life more intensely... #TimeToShine!
This philosophy is illustrated in the four-year partnership linking Azzaro fragrances and Under The Pole. The sea is the vital element, synonymous with freedom and escape for Under The Pole and Azzaro. This fusion with the sea is deeply anchored in Azzaro’s heritage.
Under The Pole are exploratory expeditions dedicated to underwater – especially polar – environments: innovative and daring, scientific and educational, they are inspired by the expeditions undertaken by the great pioneers of the past century. Gaining a better understanding of the oceans is one of the major challenges of this century in order to safeguard them. The Under The Pole team is looking to testify to climate change and its challenges, in order to raise awareness about how to stop it, especially among younger generations.
Under The Pole is a bold gamble that Ghislain Bardout (energy engineer, entrepreneur, polar diving specialist) and Emmanuelle Périé-Bardout (skipper and diver) have embarked on as a family. Driven by a shared passion, they already have two major polar expeditions under their belt and are preparing for their third expedition with their two sons – four-year-old Robin and their youngest Tom – and their dog Kayak.
For their third “Pole to Pole” expedition around the world: a fascinating journey that will take the crew from the icy Arctic Ocean to the Antarctic, via the Pacific and the Atlantic. Preparations at sea began in June 2016, for a departure in May 2017 and a return in the summer of 2020.