Proximity first at Clarins!
Article - 11.12.23

Proximity first at Clarins!

Clarins was born from the innovative vision of Jacques Courtin-Clarins, who wanted to preserve proximity with our customers. Today, we are constantly reinventing this dialogue to offer them the best possible beauty experience, thanks to training expertise and innovative services.

At Clarins, our approach to customer proximity is characterized by a commitment to building and nurturing strong relationships with our guests. This translates into open and ongoing communication with customers, a deep understanding of their needs and preferences, and a constant willingness to adapt and innovate.

Training is a key element of this approach, ensuring that every Beauty Talent shares Clarins’ vision and has the knowledge to deliver an exceptional customer experience. This dedication to training creates for Clarins a common understanding of the brand’s values and ensures that customer-facing employees can deliver a consistent and exceptional level of service.

At Clarins, we are dedicated to offering personalized and innovative services that go beyond traditional beauty standards. This innovation includes developing new products that address specific customer needs, as well as creating unique in-store experiences for our guests.

Discover the portrait of Leona, Training Director for Asia-Pacific, Marc, Vice-President of sales in Canada and Tina, Retail & PR Director for Clarins Switzerland as well as myBlend Director in Switzerland.