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Cookies Policy
This Cookies Policy was updated on 2017/11/20.
Clarins places great importance on the protection of user’s privacy and its obligations in accordance with the legal provisions in force.
While visiting our site, information about the browsing data we receive from your data terminal (computer, mobile, tablet, etc.) may be stored in "cookies" installed on your device.
This page makes it easier to understand how cookies works and how to manage your preferences.

1 - What is a « cookie »?
A « cookie » is a text file that can be stored, subject to your consent, in a dedicated space on the hard drive of your data terminal at the time of your visit to an online service through your web browser. A cookie file allows the cookie issuer to identify the data terminal in which it is stored throughout the cookie's period of validity or registration.  Only the issuer of a cookie is likely to read or change the information contained in such cookie.

2 - How are the cookies issued from used?
The cookies we use on our site
Subject to your choice to allow cookies, when you open our site, we may install various cookies in your data terminal allowing us to recognize your device’s browser for the duration of the cookies’ period of validity.
Cookies that we issue are used for the purposes described below:
-       customize the presentation of our site to the display settings of your terminal (language, screen resolution, operating system, etc.) during your visit, based on your data terminal’s hardware, viewing software and video software;
-       store information contained in any form that you fill out on our site (for registration or account access);
-       allow you access to restricted and personalized areas of our site, such as your account, based on user names, passwords and other data that you may have previously given us access;
-       implement security measures, such as when you are asked to log in again to consents or a service after a certain period of time.
Cookies issued on our site by third parties
The issue and use of cookies by third parties are subject to the protection of privacy policies of these third parties.
We will notify you of the purpose of cookies known to us and of the ways that you can choose to accept or reject cookies.
-       Analytics cookies
Our site may contain cookies issued by third parties such as audience measurement companies. For the duration of the cookie's period of validity, such cookies allow us to compile statistics and traffic volume and measure the use of the various sections of your site (headings and content visited, click streams) which helps us improve the value and usability of our services.
-       Cookies due to integration of third party applications on our website
We are likely to include software applications from third parties on our site which allow you to share the content of our site with others or to inform others about your visit or your opinion on the content of our site. This is particularly the case with the buttons (“Login with LinkedIn”), etc.) on social networks like "LinkedIn", etc.
The social networks that provide these button applications may use the button to identify you even if you have not used this button during your visit our site. Indeed, this type of button application may allow the social network concerned to track your browsing of our site, simply because your social network account was active on your data terminal (open session) during your visit to our site.
We have no control over the processes used by social networks to compile information about your visits to our site nor any related personal data they may have. We invite you to review the protection of privacy policies of these social networks in order to understand the purposes behind the collection of browsing data they can compile through such buttons, especially as regards advertising. The policies of social networks must allow you to exercise your personal choice through your account settings.
-       « Flash » cookies using « Adobe Flash Player »
Adobe Flash Player"™ is an application that enables the rapid display of dynamic content using the "Flash" computer language. Flash and other similar applications store settings, preferences and usage date using a technology similar to cookies. However, "Adobe Flash Player" ™ handles this information through the use of an interface different from that provided by your browser.
If your data terminal is likely to view content developed with Flash technology, please access your Flash cookies management tool directly from the Adobe website at
3 – How to exercise your choice regarding cookies issued from
You can exercise your choice at any time and change your choice as described below.
We remind you that the settings that you use are likely to change your internet browsing experience and the conditions of your access to any services requiring the use of cookies.
We assume no responsibility for consequences related to the degraded operation of our services resulting from us not being able to store or view the cookies necessary for the full functioning of our site and services.
Your choices expressed online
You can opt-out of having making your site activity available to Google Analytics by installing the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on. The add-on prevents the Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js, analytics.js, and dc.js) that is running on websites from sharing information with Google Analytics about visit activity. To learn more about Google Analytics, click here.
We also invite you to review the privacy policies on each social network (LinkedIn, etc.) to exercise your choices with them.
The choices available to you through your browser
Each browser has a different way of managing cookies and cookie settings. The configuration of your browser is described in its help menu which will inform you of how to change your cookie settings.
- For Chrome™ : Support Chrome
- For Internet Explorer™ : Support Internet Explorer
- For Edge™ : Support Edge
- For Firefox™ : Support Firefox
- For Opera™ : Support Opera
- For Safari™ : Support Safari
4 – Further information about cookies
You can learn more about cookies in general and how to manage them by visiting