Earth Day 2023: strengthening our commitments
Article - 25.04.23

Earth Day 2023: strengthening our commitments

Since its founding, Clarins has drawn inspiration from the very best of nature. As a pioneer in plant research, we know that their preservation is vital to our future.

That’s why our commitment to leaving our planet even better than we found it is inscribed in Clarins We Care, our blended corporate and CSR strategy. We work to ensure that every action we take is one that leaves a positive and quantifiable impact on people and the planet. For us this is more than just responsible beauty, it is our purpose: “Making life more beautiful, passing on a more beautiful planet.”

Cultivating biodiversity at the Domaine Clarins

Nestled in the Haute-Savoie region at the heart of the French Alps, the Domaine Clarins is the embodiment of our commitment to exceptional ingredients and the utmost respect for nature. Since 2016, this site has served as an open-air laboratory and farm where our team of ethnobotanists uses the principles of regenerative agriculture to grow plants for research and for use in our formulas. At an altitude of 1,400 meters, the Domaine is an especially important habitat for native Alpine plant species, and we recently renewed our lasting investment in the site through the signature of an ORE (Real Environmental Obligation) conservation contract with the French Ministry of the Environment. We are now committed to preserving the site’s rich biodiversity for 99 more years!

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plant species harvested since 2019
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years of future preservation under Clarins

Ethnobotanist observing a plant at Clarins Estate

Responsible sourcing: strengthening our supply chains

Our commitment to sustainable agriculture practices covers the Group’s entire global supply chain, and is formalized in our Responsible Sourcing Charter. This document outlines the rigorous policies that apply to all of our raw materials, as well as our commitment to having 100% of our plant ingredients comply with the principles of responsible agriculture and sustainably managed harvesting by 2025.

As an official member of the Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT) since 2021, we are also expanding our work to promote ethical and sustainable sourcing that is respectful of biodiversity and local communities. Every three years, the UEBT will review Clarins’ action plan to ensure continued progress. Currently, we support 21 fair trade supply chains  in Madagascar, Burkina Faso, and India.

Earth Sky view of a crop in a field

Clarins T.R.U.S.T.: revolutionizing traceability within the beauty industry

Rolled out worldwide in early 2023, this digital traceability platform uses blockchain technology to give accurate sourcing and manufacturing information for our skincare products. It traces and stores information on the origin and properties of each ingredient, from their production networks to certifications guaranteeing responsible sourcing. Not only does the platform make each product’s journey fully accessible to our guests, from the field to the store, it also gives them a secure and reliable way to see how our CSR commitments align with our actions.

Clarins T.R.U.S.T. represents the first-ever use of blockchain technology for responsible beauty, and is an innovation that will help raise traceability and transparency standards within the industry. It empowers our guests to be actors for a better planet: already, 42 plants and 50 Clarins products are fully traceable, a number we expect to double by the end of the year.

Whether we’re nurturing biodiversity at the Domaine Clarins, implementing our Group-wide responsible sourcing policies, or adding plants to the T.R.U.S.T. platform, we’re guided by a continuous improvement approach and a long-term commitment to our planet. It’s our purpose, Earth Day and every day.