Clarins Precious shines in Asia
Article - 05.12.23

Clarins Precious shines in Asia

Since its launch this past spring, our Clarins brand’s first luxury skincare line has flourished, delighting guests from around the globe. Join us for a spotlight on the development of Clarins Precious in the APAC region.

In March of 2023, a rare and mysterious flower took center stage at Clarins. Blooming just once a year when the moon is out, the Moonlight Flower has the incredible capacity to stimulate skin longevity. Using the natural process of cryoextraction, our ethnobotanists were able to unlock this plant’s special power, formulating a 100% made-in-France skin care range from Moonlight Flowers grown and harvested by hand in Brittany.

Since then, we have accelerated the retail development of this luxury skin care line internationally. In the Asia-Pacific region especially, our local teams have introduced Clarins Precious to new markets with the greatest care and creativity.

An ephemeral pop-up in Hong Kong

The story of Clarins Precious is singular, bringing together rarity and luxury, science and nature. Through our pop-up experiences, we’re immersing visitors in the unique Precious universe. In Hong Kong’s ifc mall, for example, we created the Precious House of Rarities. The pop-up’s breathtaking glass structure, directly inspired by the Grand Palais in Paris, was the perfect setting to nurture discovery and awe. From their first step, visitors set off on a sensorial journey under the glow of starlight to meet the Moonlight Flower.

The pop-up notably featured an ethereal soundscape and an olfactory experience, sharing the line’s exclusive blend of scents crafted in Grasse, France, perfume capital of the world. Nearly 100 members of the media and influencers joined us for the pop-up’s opening soirée, helping us reach an online audience of over 12 million people.

An indulgent spa experience in Singapore

Clarins Precious introduces a new vision of time, where each application is a revelation. From La Crème to Le Serum, the collection is filled with powerful formulas complemented by exceptional and pleasurable textures. To enhance the guest experience, our Clarins Institute developed an at-home massage tool as well as an exclusive Spa treatment, which joins the Clarins Professional Touch with draining pressure techniques, the weight of the hand, and ancestral Asian techniques.

As we introduce the line to our guests, we’re introducing them to the Precious experience of luxury. In Singapore, we launched new extensions in an intimate setting, treating Clarins Club and influencer guests to an indulgent experience. At a Presidential Suite in the heart of the city, guests discovered the scent and textures of the line. They also stepped into the Precious Spa experience, rounding out their visit with a personalized skin consultation to learn more.

A spectacular introduction in Japan

As is the Clarins way, our first luxury skincare line reaffirms our total commitment to our clients. To set the tone for their Precious retail experiences, our Architecture & Merchandising teams developed a new design concept. A vibrant gold, pure white, and elegant black all complement each other as we inaugurate Clarins Precious beauty counters in Asia’s most luxurious multi-brand department stores.

One example includes the newly inaugurated Clarins Precious beauty counter in Tokyo’s prestigious Ginza district. With our partner Matsuya Ginza, we organized an exclusive avant-premiere release of the collection’s products. We were thrilled to highlight the line at three distinct locations within Matsuya Ginza – the Clarins brand beauty counter, a second counter dedicated to Clarins Precious, and a third ephemeral display at the heart of the department store     – giving clients even more opportunities to enter the Clarins Precious universe.