Another Feet Week for Clarins employees!
Article - 27.10.23

Another Feet Week for Clarins employees!

Another amazing Feet Week in the books! In early October, we laced up our shoes and counted our steps for a cause dear to our group.

For seven years now, the Fondation Arthritis has invited every Clarins employee to join an adventure that unfolds around the globe, the Feet Week. The objectives of this annual challenge: get moving, raise awareness about disability prevention, and support our partner Fondation Arthritis, all while having fun!

A special week of activity and solidarity

Concretely, Feet Week looks like a lot of walking! After forming teams of 5 with their colleagues, each participant starts counting their steps. Every individual movement matters–taking the stairs, scheduling walking meetings, getting even more minutes of sunlight during a lunch break–and is combined with those of their teammates. Feet Week is a truly connected challenge:Thanks to a mobile application, each step was logged in real time, allowing participants to see how their progress compared to that of their colleagues across the globe. At the week’s end, the teams with the most steps were rewarded.

But Feet Week is about more than walking each year, it’s a particularly meaningful time for our Group. More than contributing to overall physical and mental health, staying active can play a preventative role for certain chronic illnesses or health issues. These include the field of chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases, the focus of the Fondation Arthritis, a foundation created in 1989 by our founder, Jacques Courtin-Clarins.

The 2023 edition of Feet Week was co-organized by Clarins Mission Handicap, our taskforce dedicated to disability inclusion in the workplace (and part of our global taskforce dedicated to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) alongside Fondation Arthritis. Thanks to their efforts, this year’s edition allowed our employees to have fun while also helping to raise awareness of the mission behind each step.

2023 in numbers

So how did this year’s Feet Week shape up? We reached a record participation, counting 292 dedicated teams of 1,360 Clarins participants total in 19 countries.

With 127,996,096 steps counted in total, we reached one of our longest distances yet: 89,597 kilometers, more than twice the distance of the Earth’s circumference!


The Feet Week experience is always special, inspiring and educating beyond the Clarins community.  Bravo to everyone who participated.

Stay tuned for another Feet Week in June, this time organized for all Clarins Suppliers!