Made in France

Clarins was founded in France and has strong ties to the country, where its laboratories, manufacturing plant and most of its suppliers are located.
For nearly 70 years, the brand has been developing skincare and make-up expertise that has contributed to France’s reputation as a cradle of cosmetics.

We see our roots as a dual responsibility: to contribute to France’s buoyant economy while developing and exporting our exclusive expertise. Made in France also meets a priority demand from our customers: the quality and traceability of the products that make our reputation.


Domaine Clarins in Serraval (Haute-Savoie)

This 15-hectare site located at an altitude of 1,400 meters in the heart of the Alps is an open-air laboratory where our scientists observe and cultivate organic plants in line with the principles of regenerative agriculture.

Made in France for a positive impact

We have chosen to design and manufacture almost all of our products in France for a broader positive impact.

Total control of our value chain from the field through to bottles and jars addresses a major customer concern: the product quality and traceability which underpin our reputation. Our choice also results in a broader positive impact:

  • Environmental impact: by producing locally and limiting our carbon impact.  Our sites comply with standards ISO14001 and ISO 50001.
  • Economic impact: we employ over 1,500 people and generate at least as many indirect jobs everywhere we operate.
  • Social impact: We preserve extraordinary expertise which we continue to expand and strengthen thanks to our continuous innovation approach and pass on via an ambitious training policy.