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Do you know the botanist Jean-Pierre Nicolas and the association he founded, Jardins du Monde? He is continuing the tradition of natural remedies. From Madagascar to Burkina Faso through Guatemala, he travels the world on the hunt for rare plants. He learns the best way to use them from people groups. Then he returns to France, where he introduces the Clarins researchers to new species.

The partnership with Jardins du monde is one of those fostered by Clarins as part of its initiative to preserve and promote the botanical diversity of our planet.


Preserving the planet and supporting mankind? In Asia and South America, Clarins supports Pur Projet, which manages plantation programmes of use to the populations in the forest areas concerned. The ClarinsMen Environment Award rewards pioneers who work to protect the environment for future generations, such as the most recent prize-winner Roland Jourdain with his foundation Explore.