Our Paris headquarters once again certified HEQ
Article - 15.03.23

Our Paris headquarters once again certified HEQ

"Making life more beautiful, passing on a more beautiful planet". This is the raison d’être of the Clarins group.

It’s written in our charters and compels us day after day to assess and anticipate the impacts of our activity to reduce the environmental effects.

This responsible approach is carried out in France and throughout the world. Our Paris headquarters, located in the 17th arrondissement, demonstrates our commitment to environmental performance, coupled with a concern for the comfort and wellbeing of our employees.

In fact, since its construction in 2015, our Paris building has been audited every year to ensure that the management and operation of the building as well as the conduct of our teams guarantee the sustainable use of the premises.

Once again, the efforts of our employees have been rewarded. For 2022, we have managed to maintain the “EXCELLENT” level in the Sustainable Management section and the top ranking of “EXCEPTIONAL” in the Sustainable Use section of the High Environmental Quality (HEQ) standard.

Our commitments do not stop there: at our industrial sites, for example, a rigorous management system is in place to control water and energy consumption and waste management.

Transport of products from the Amiens logistics site is mainly by road or sea. Air transport, a major emitter of greenhouse gases, is kept under control and accounts for less than 4% of our freight.

Finally, our second site, currently under construction in Sainte-Savine, will also meet HEQ criteria.