myBlend: a new take on beauty and luxury
Article - 20.07.22

myBlend: a new take on beauty and luxury

First launched in 2007, myBlend is a pioneering brand belonging to our group. Today, in 2022, it has been completely rethought, redesigned and refreshed under the leadership of Docteur Olivier Courtin.

Times change and women’s concerns evolve, yet 15 years ago myBlend, with its visionary approach to personalisation, skin renewal and the impact of lifestyle on beauty, was already bearing the hallmarks of the modern luxury brand that it is today.Drawing on research by Clarins Laboratories, Dr Olivier Courtin has made even greater steps in efficiency and innovation to offer a new way of experiencing beauty, onethat is even more complete, more personalised and more committed.

The power of synergies = NUTRI + DERMA + TECH

Completely redesigned in 2022, myBlend is already leading the way in practical and ethical luxury. What is luxury today if it isn’t about combining the greatest efficiency with sensoriality, authenticity, transparency and respect for people and the planet? myBlend brings the most comprehensive beauty experience to women who want it all: a personalised, sensory and responsible routine, focused on the impact of synergy combining skincare, food supplements and the power of high-tech tools.

Personalisation and Excellence

Personalisation is the foundation of the new myBlend concept. And that approach has been made possible with the new skin diagnosis mobile app: my SkinDiag. Using photo analysis and a lifestyle questionnaire, the app generates a personalised assessment of each person’s skin concerns and then suggests appropriate solutions. This tool is the key to offering each woman, at any time, the most effective personalised routine.

myBlend spa: combining the best of touch and technology

myBlend protocols target the very highest effectiveness by combining highly concentrated formulas, expert touch, and devices at the cutting edge of aesthetic technologies.
Designed with manual therapist Chantal Lehmann, the massages combine highly technical movements derived from Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine to stimulate the skin and muscles in depth, while creating an immediately visible lifting result. Each treatment combines manual techniques, products with the most suitable molecules and a selection of high-tech tools.

Discover the ultimate experience of La Maison myBlend in Paris’ central Marais district starting in September 2022.

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