Making life more beautiful,
passing on a more beautiful planet.

We are a trusted French family-owned company, a leader in skincare and make-up and we operate in nearly 150 countries.

Our commitments

Naturally and sincerely committed from the start

Since 1954, we have drawn inspiration from the best nature has to offer to innovate sustainably and enhance the beauty of all women. Through our mission—“caring for people, caring for the planet”—we are committed to building a more responsible, fair and united society through concrete action.

Domaine Clarins: producing exceptional ingredients with the utmost respect for nature

An open-air laboratory, Domaine Clarins is located at an altitude of 1,400 meters, in the heart of a pristine and remote area in the Alps, in France. It embodies our commitment to biodiversity and employs regenerative agriculture methods, which take care of the planet all while providing exceptional ingredients. In 2021, we committed to protecting this unique site in line with the strictest environmental norms for the next 99 years.


Our talents

Our teams: our strength and our best ambassadors

Joining us means embarking on a people-focused adventure driven by a long-term vision and an entrepreneurial mindset. It also means making life more beautiful for all women and men in a friendly, inclusive and challenging environment.

Our values

  • Respect


    For our employees, our customers and the environment—in both our words and our actions.
  • Authenticity


    We work with integrity and transparency, for both our employees and our customers.
  • Cooperation


    We promote an entrepreneurial mindset and value the power of innovation. We dare to take risks.
  • Audacity


    We are building the future together thanks to our mindset based on entrepreneurship, responsibility and reciprocity.
  • Passion


    We inspire our employees and set the example. We share our pride and enthusiasm with others.