Clarins Academy: A global initiative for empowering knowledge
Article - 05.01.24

Clarins Academy: A global initiative for empowering knowledge

The Clarins Academy is a newly launched e-learning platform available worldwide, already boasting over 6,500 contents in 10 languages – and this is just the start! A milestone that is testament to our commitment to continuous learning and development.

Transforming education: The power of the Clarins Academy

In September 2023, Clarins unveiled the Clarins Academy. This e-learning platform is symbolizing our core values of excellence, empowerment, innovation, and community. A global initiative which underscores our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering continuous learning, offering a modern approach to professional development in line with our mindset.

The Clarins Academy offers an array of resources tailored to enhance professional and personal growth like leadership training for effective team guidance, comprehensive management skills development, personal growth courses, programs for professional well-being, communication skills enhancement or advanced project management training. This initiative is perfectly aligned with our vision to nurture talent, stimulate curiosity, and foster a culture of lifelong learning across our global operations.

A Global launch: Celebrating Knowledge Across Borders

The global launch of the Clarins Academy has been marked by celebrations and unique launch events for teams worldwide, each bringing its own local flavor to this global initiative. Across the globe, our teams have embraced this launch with varied activities, all unified in making learning enjoyable and engaging. The festivities varied, including special mousepads and bags of lollies in Australia and New Zealand, a back-to-school lunch in South Africa, and transforming the office café into a thematic learning space in Japan. These diverse celebrations reflect our commitment to making education both engaging and enjoyable worldwide.

Building a Unified Learning Community

As Clarins Academy continues to expand globally, we are not just enhancing skills but also forging a sense of unity and shared purpose among our teams. We are committed to equipping our teams with the necessary tools and resources to excel in a dynamic world, demonstrating our dedication to not just meeting but exceeding the standards of modern professional development.

With the Clarins Academy, let’s stay one step ahead!