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New Clarins Group Offices


In July, the Clarins group moved to its new building located in Paris’ 17th arrondissement on the corner of avenue de la Porte des Ternes and rue Gustave Charpentier. Just like the group’s products, the building takes its inspiration from nature to offer all employees the best possible working conditions.


The lobby is bathed in light and air-conditioned using earth cooling tubes. This circulation system moves air underground to recover the freshness of the ground and is modeled on termite mounds. This is called biomimicry, which could be defined by the study and use of nature and more specifically the living to enrich our lives.  

This ecological dimension reflects the strong values of Olivier and Christian Courtin-Clarins. This new headquarters represents all of the group’s values: performance using advanced technology, sustainability through its energy and environmental high performance certification, the boldness of its modern architecture, and lastly, respect for both nature and its employees.
The company cafeteria, which opens onto the garden, accommodates a large table so that employees can share their lunch all together, whatever department they belong to. A desire for warmth and friendliness that echoes the feelings of the group’s executives towards those who make a daily contribution to its success.
The seven floors of the building combine cutting-edge technology and environmental awareness, particularly through the automatic control of lighting, innovative and low consumption heating and air conditioning systems, as well as rainwater collection for watering green spaces.