To protect the biodiversity of the Domaine Clarins for generations to come, Clarins announces the signing of an ore* contract during the ChangeNow Summit

Following the summits held in 2019 and 2020, Clarins renewed its partnership with ChangeNOW in 2021.   Top-tiered Clarins managers shared a few of the model actions the Brand has developed to protect biodiversity:

  • Virginie Courtin-Clarins, Deputy CEO of Clarins and Christian Courtin-Clarins, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, spoke on May 27th, addressing the commitments Clarins has made regarding preserving natural areas.
  • Jonathan Zrihen, President and CEO, will participate in a debate on May 28th focusing on traceability and transparency.

Model actions that reconcile economic development and protecting biodiversity
Among the solutions developed, Clarins introduced the Domaine Clarins, a property the company owns in the French Alps where, for the past five years, plants have been growing that are later used in the brand’s products.  According to the principles of reasonable agriculture and a completely organic production, the Domaine is starting to supply plant extracts and ingredients to the group that become major components of the brand’s products.  The number of ingredients should double by 2025.
Besides this vertical production model, other actions were highlighted during the ChangeNOW summit: the Responsible Sourcing Charter, the partnership with Ecovadis, and also Clarins commitment to having 80% of its plant-based ingredients from organic sourcing by 2025.
“These concrete solutions bear witness to the need to go even further than current regulations, for Clarins and more generally, for all industries, and the need to act voluntarily to protect biodiversity,” explains Virginie Courtin Clarins. “This is at the heart of our ‘Clarins We Care’ initiative and is now part of our corporate statutes and our reason for being in 2021: ‘Making life more beautiful, passing on a more beautiful planet.’”
A new commitment for a production site: a first in the world of cosmetics
ChangeNOW gave Clarins the chance to announce a new, major commitment in favour of biodiversity: the signing of a new type of contract (in French, ‘Obligation Réelle Environnementale’)- or an (ORE)*- between the Domaine Clarins and the ASTERS Nature Conservatory located in the Haute-Savoie region of France.
* The Law for the Recovery of Biodiversity, Nature and Landscapes (8 August 2016, No. 2016–1087) gave birth to a new legal tool, allowing landowners to create sustainable land protection obligations on their land: the real environmental obligation or obligation réelle environnementale (abbreviated to ‘ORE’).
“Biodiversity is life.  When we take care of it, we give our own life meaning.”
Christian Courtin-Clarins, President of the Supervisory Committee-Clarins
For the cosmetics industry, this type of long-term contract is a first.  The Domaine Clarins has committed to the longest timeframe the ORE contract offers: 99 years!
Besides the obligations already laid out for a 100% organic production, the new environmental criteria- co-defined with ASTERS- will be applied over several generations at the 10-hectare site of the Domaine. Among them are:

  • a global research partnership with universities located in the Savoy region of France and Grenoble-Alpes;
  • projects with the National Alpine Botanical Conservatory regarding the phenomenon of erosion;
  • research on agro-ecological techniques in mountainous regions;
  • a preservation project around the Lady Slipper orchid, a plant that is on the endangered species list.

This contract is an example of Clarins willingness to act over the long term in favor of biodiversity. It also represents a new chapter in the relationship between Clarins and Asters, with whom the group has worked for the last 20 years regarding Alpine preservation.
Asters has accompanied Clarins in the goal of preserving the natural area of the Domaine Clarins, a 10-hectare gem nestled in the heart of the French Alps.  By signing this ORE contract, this new, innovative contractual tool, the commitment of both partners is laid out over the long term!”, concludes Christian Schwoehrer, ASTERS president.
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Patricia Labernède

ChangeNOW brings together thousands of participants every year from all over the world.  For this fourth year, 120 countries and 500 speakers shared thousands of solutions regarding the climate, natural resources, biodiversity, and inclusion.  The 2021 summit took place in Paris from May 27-29 online given the current public health situation.