“The future is our children. We must provide them with education, nutrition and healthcare.” Christian Courtin-Clarins
The partnership between FEED and Clarins began quite naturally in 2011 when two humanists—Christian Courtin-Clarins and Lauren Bush Lauren—crossed paths. Both of them strongly believe that education helps to make life more beautiful.  
After a trip around the world as the spokesperson for the UN World Food Programme (WFP), which showed her the extent and seriousness of hunger across the globe, Lauren Bush Lauren founded FEED in 2007 to support the roll-out of meal programs in schools in the most underdeveloped countries. To raise awareness about the rise of hunger in the world, she designed and created her first bag: FEED 1, which provides one meal a day for one child for one year.   
Key figures:

  • Hunger is a daily reality for about 795 million people.
  • Thanks to the partnership between FEED and Clarins, 36 million meals have been served in 40 countries since 2011.
  • In 2020, 4 million meals were served.

To celebrate the partnership’s 10-year anniversary, young filmmaker Paris Brosnan created a short film that highlights the joint initiatives rolled out over the past decade.
In 2019, Paris Brosnan traveled to Sri Lanka with Lauren Bush Lauren and Christian Courtin-Clarins. From that moment, he decided to become a part of the project as a FEED ambassador. Thanks to this short film, Clarins and FEED hope to raise awareness among people who would like to get involved and make a real, quantifiable difference in the fight against hunger to help make the world a better place for the generations of today and tomorrow.
Partnership highlights:
2011  Christian Courtin-Clarins met Lauren Bush Lauren.                                                                     
Launch of the first pouches, given as complementary gifts in American department stores Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s.
2012  Clarins Million Meals concert for FEED with with many famous singersin New York. The goal was to raise enough money in one night to pay for a million meals.
2013  Lauren Bush Lauren and Christian Courtin-Clarins traveled to Honduras to see for themselves the impact of the partnership on children there.
2016  For the first time, the Clarins x FEED bag collection launched in over 40 countries! 
2017  Lauren Bush Lauren and Christian Courtin-Clarins traveled to Madagascar. Watch a short film about the trip here
2019  Lauren Bush Lauren and Christian Courtin-Clarins invited Paris Brosnan to join them in Sri Lanka                        
At the same time, with the purchase of at least two Clarins products, all customers received a FEED pouch or bag to help fund 10 or 20 school meals. 
2021  Paris Brosnan made a short film during their trip to Sri Lanka, which shares highlights from the decade-long heartfelt partnership. Find out more here.  
To learn more about FEED, click here.