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Being fully committed to responsible beauty is one of Clarins’s major goals for 2025. Getting there means striving each and every day to design products with a reduced environmental impact, in particular by limiting our consumption of natural resources. In 2020, Clarins achieved carbon neutrality thanks to offset programs, and we fully intend to maintain neutrality over the coming years as we work to reduce our global carbon footprint by 30% by 2025.
In line with our CSR roadmap for reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impact, Clarins is launching a large-scale pilot with Hipli, a new French company that is a pioneer in the field of reusable delivery packaging materials that help to protect the environment.  
While cardboard packages and plastic envelopes are generally used only once, Hipli packages are designed to make up to 100 return trips.
The concept is simple. After making purchases, members of the Club Clarins loyalty program will receive their gifts at home in a Hipli package. Once they’ve removed the contents, they simply pop the packaging into an included pouch and send it back through the mail. The Hipli sorting center in Tours receives the used packaging, ensures it’s in good shape or repairs it if necessary, then ships it back to Clarins.
Low-tech innovation: Reusable Hipli packaging is a disruptive transformation of the delivery industry that offers a responsible, green alternative to single-use packaging. The lifecycle of Hipli packages was designed according to the principles of circular economy to create a virtuous cycle that includes consumers.
These packages can be reused up to 100 times, which reduces the carbon footprint of shipment by 77% and avoids up to 25 kg of household waste.
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