Clarins' philosophy? Beauty taken seriously, health and well-being taken to heart.
Jacques Courtin-Clarins, whose wife suffered from severe rheumatoid arthritis, created the Arthritis Foundation in 1989 under the name of ARP (Rheumatoid Arthritis Research Association). Now chaired by Dr. Olivier Courtin-Clarins and headed by Lionel Comole, a high-level sportsman who suffers from ankylosing spondylitis, the Arthritis Foundation is a registered charity and is positioned as the leading private fund-raising initiative in the area of severe rheumatism. By covering all its running costs, Clarins allows the Arthritis Foundation to devote all of its donations to Research.
Concerned for the well-being of those who are ill, Clarins also supports women with cancer. “Look Good Feel Better” is an international program that restores patients’ well-being, confidence and self-esteem by organizing skin care workshops in  hospitals. By making a financial donation and providing free skin care products, Clarins' subsidiaries actively support this association. In France, Clarins has supported the French branch of this program, “Belle & Bien,” since it began in 2001.