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From the formula to the packaging, each ingredient or raw material is used with respect for nature. Aware that these resources are precious, Clarins is committed as part of an eco-design approach to using them responsibly and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in all the phases of its activity.
This same approach is taken on the industrial sites through rigorous control of water and energy consumption and waste management. Clarins' two A industrial sites are ISO14001 and ISO50001 certified. Products from the Amiens logistics site are primarily transported by road or sea. Air transport, a major greenhouse gas (GHG) emitter, is controlled and concerns less than 2% of the volume dispatched.
Clarins' headquarters demonstrates this environmental performance drive, paired with a concern for its staff’s comfort and well-being. The building enjoys High Environmental Quality certification, which ensures that the building’s management and running and the teams’ everyday commitment guarantee sustainable use of the premises. In 2020, the building obtained a rating of “Exceptional” for sustainable management and “Excellent” for sustainable use.