Clarins signs solidarity advertising pact

"We have signed the Advertising Pact so that ad spending contributes to the funding of charities", Christian Courtin-Clarins, Olivier Courtin-Clarins, Jonathan Zrihen, respectively Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Managing Director & CEO of Clarins.
Clarins is one of the first companies to sign the Solidarity Advertising Pact created by the Whatrocks Foundation.  
The goal is to set a new, more socially conscious course for digital advertising in the post-coronavirus era by using 1% of our budget for digital advertising to support NGOs and charity organizations.  
When Internet users click on Clarins digital ads, they will be invited to choose an organization from the list of partner ONGs to receive a donation. The list includes UNICEF, UN Women, Doctors Without Borders, the Salvation Army, the UN Refugee Agency and the Epic Foundation as well as the organizations recognized by the Clarins Awards.
Clarins is proud to participate in this initiative, which is perfectly in line with its values as a responsible corporate citizen.  
Learn more about the Solidarity Advertising Pact.