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An exceptional level for the Parisian head office

The construction and running of the Clarins group’s head office, located in Paris’ 17th arrondissement, demonstrate a sense of determination in terms of environmental performance, paired with a concern for its staff’s comfort and well-being. This commitment had been certified according to High Environmental Quality (HQE) and Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) standards during its construction in 2014.
In late 2016, an audit was carried out to assess the building’s management and functioning, as well as staff behavior. A rare feat in the sector, the Clarins group has improved its approach to reach an assessment level of EXCELLENT in the Sustainable Management section and the ultimate level EXCEPTIONAL in the Sustainable Use section of the High Environmental Quality frame of reference.
With regard to BREEAM in Use monitoring, the Clarins group has maintained the level VERY GOOD for the Occupier management section and the level EXCELLENT for the Building management section in a context of stricter requirements imposed.
All the group’s members of staff are proud to play an active role in this commitment on a daily basis.