The Clarinsmen Environment award supports committed men

Since 2004, the Clarinsmen Environment award has been rewarding original initiatives in favour of sustainable development. Its aim? To support a man whose “heart beats to the rhythm of the planet” who has initiated an environmental project that also has an ethical and social dimension. This may be a humanitarian action with regard to a population, linked to access to water or an education, health, nutrition or reintegration programme. 
Since its creation, the award has already been given to Bertrand Piccard, the founder of “Solar Impulse”, Jean-Pierre Nicolas, Ethnobotanist and founder of “Jardins du Monde”, and Roland Jourdain for his “Explore” foundation. In addition, it has offered wonderful opportunities to meet the candidates that the Clarins group also supports.
This is the case of Blue Bees, a crowdfunding platform aimed at companies and cooperatives with high-potential agro-environmental projects in the fields of organic farming, fair trade, and access to water or energy. This project created by Maxime de Rostolan is based on the crowdfunding model, with financing from the general public. If you would like to find our more or consult the projects to be supported with Blue Bees, don't hesitate to visit the website