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Clarins ramps up contribution to national solidarity efforts

Paris, France, April 14, 2020 - Clarins ramps up contribution to national solidarity efforts
Moreover, the company continues to support healthcare workers by increasing production of alcohol-based hand rub and hand lotion and by providing a million masks.
Since mid-March, Clarins has played an active role in fighting the epidemic:

  • Clarins has converted its production lines to manufacture alcohol-based hand rub for healthcare workers. Working in direct partnership with the authorities, the company has made significant commitments to the regional health authorities (ARS) in the Paris area, the Val d’Oise and the Somme, as well as to the public hospitals in Paris (AP-HP), to do its best to support the regions where it does business.
    • The company has already produced and distributed 200,000 400ml bottles, and by the end of April, it will produce over 200 metric tons of alcohol-based hand rub for France, Italy and Canada.
    • It has also just launched a new production line to fill 150ml and 200ml bottles, better suited to the needs of nursing homes (EHPADs), and to provide for Clarins employees when confinement ends.


  • The company has donated 30,000 tubes of hand lotion to healthcare workers in French hospitals, as well as 30,000 doses of Hydra Essentiel to help heal their faces, irritated by constant mask use.
    • To meet growing demand from healthcare workers, a new production line will be fully devoted to manufacturing hand lotion.


  • Last but not least, Clarins has financed a million EC-certified masks: 900,000 surgical masks and 100,000 FFP2 masks for intensive care units.

“Clarins is a family business committed to making life better by taking care of its employees, its customers and the planet. Given our values, it was only natural that we, as an employer, contribute to the collective efforts to mitigate the impact of this unprecedented crisis. Similarly, we also aim to support healthcare workers, whose heroism and devotion we admire. This commitment to solidarity is only possible thanks to the strong engagement of our teams, whom we’re particularly proud of, as well as the participation of our suppliers and partners. We extend our warmest thanks,” affirmed Christian Courtin-Clarins, Olivier Courtin-Clarins and Jonathan Zrihen, respectively President of the Supervisory Board, Managing Director and CEO of Clarins.