Plant gold, the most precious, most active and richest part of the plant extract: the essential oil. Designed in 1968 by Jacques Courtin-Clarins, the 100% natural range of pure plant extract oils is still a staple of the Clarins brand.


Driven by a continuous innovation approach, the Clarins group, within its research units based in France on the Pontoise site, validates some sixty new raw materials each year and studies around 300 new plants, provided by the company’s globetrotters. For Clarins researchers, innovation is attained through biomimicry. This approach, which consists of observing nature and being inspired by human designs, stimulates the creation of innovative products.


The blending of plants and technology is also used to make fragrances. To create Womanity by Thierry Mugler, Clarins laboratories were the first to use the technique of molecular extraction. This process, developed and patented by Mane, was never used before in perfumery and limits the excessive use of natural raw materials. It also offers a completely new olfactory accuracy, giving birth to a sweet and sour composition of juice, with aromas of fig fruit as well as wood and leaf from the fig tree itself.