Refilling for Thierry Mugler perfume is completed worldwide every 25 seconds*. Every 42 seconds for Angel*. This perfume fountain, christened the Source, reduces the environmental impact of the perfume that it contains, while enabling the creation of an extraordinary bottle: this is responsible luxury.


The idea of the perfume fountain was born out of surpassing a limitation. In 1992, after careful polishing and tweaking, the Angel bottle still weighed 400 g, a significant weight even for the luxury market.


For the Clarins group, the weight of the glass needed for manufacture and the price of such an object must absolutely be compensated.  This is how the refilling concept was born, a practice that allows the customer to fill up the bottle when empty, and retain the original star.


20 years after the launch of its first Source, Thierry Mugler is revealing the quadruple Source. Its four major fragrances for women can now be refilled: Angel Eau de Parfum, Angel Eau de Toilette, Alien and Womanity. In France, this new source goes hand in hand with the “Empty Bottles” campaign that sells empty bottles to be filled with your favourite fragrance, a first in the world of perfumery.


*Figures calculated by Clarins Fragrance Group based on 2017 sales and taking into account the number of seconds per year based on 365 days and 24-hour sales.