« The bottle will be a star, the color will be blue and the smell will evoke childhood and womanhood. »
This is how Thierry Mugler imagined Angel, his first fragrance, inspired by the nights spent under the stars as a child.
His perfume, a blend of praline and chocolate combined with a strong accent of patchouli, was the first oriental gourmand fragrance. A fragrance that was never smelled before, never seen before: it is blue, a color that no one would have associated with a feminine scent. The bottle is a faceted star. It is so complex that no master glass maker would even dream of creating it, except Verreries Brosse.  
Angel requires arduous and precise development: 608 tests for the perfume, and a machine specially developed to produce the bottle.
It was launched in 1992. Perfume fountains accompany it, designed to refill the bottles that are so beautiful, it is impossible to discard them. Customer cards are also included, and with them comes The Circle, whose members are simply women who wear this perfume.