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At the head of the Clarins group, Christian and Olivier Courtin-Clarins, the two sons of the founder, Jacques Courtin-Clarins. The two men now share their vision of the Group, their respective and mutual commitments, and their plans for the future. This was a meeting with a cohesive duo that fosters the family spirit while advancing towards an increasingly beautiful and powerful future.


"Making life more beautiful" is the motto for the Clarins group, but also your daily commitments.  In practice, how does this translate?


Christian Courtin-Clarins: This is actually the signature of the Clarins brand, but today it is an ambition that is carried across all of the Group's brands.  For example, through our belief that we must respect nature to leave a better, more beautiful world for our children.


Olivier Courtin-Clarins: Our father used to say: "What I want is for all Clarins employees to be happy to come to the office on Monday morning”. So it's also about making the lives of our employees as beautiful as possible. And then of course, as players in the beauty industry, our goal is to make women more beautiful, more confident... My brother and I test all the products.  It is important for the leaders to know them all.



You actually feel close to your employees.  How do you manage to grow a business while maintaining its family character?


Olivier Courtin-Clarins: Dialogue is an essential component of the group. We have had exchange between the three of us and our employees.  Our door is always open, everyone can come and see us.  Because recognizing the quality and performance of those who contribute to our success is of paramount importance. In addition, we passed this spirit on to our daughters.


Christian Courtin-Clarins: Our daughters knew their grandfather very well. We strive to preserve his philosophy. And like him before, with Olivier we are used to listening to women. 



This is what sets the Clarins group apart from its competitors, but not only that...


Olivier Courtin-Clarins: I think our strength is in building the performance of our group over time. I am a product man, so I want to mention the Double Serum, which is in its eighth generation since its launch in 1985, or Angel that has been around for more than 25 years.


Christian Courtin-Clarins:  That's right, we give the products time.  Alien and Angel are fragrances that achieved success slowly, today they are top sellers.  And then our birth as a spa, our father's desire to take beauty seriously and to respect employees and nature, these approaches were all revolutionary.



What are your main goals for the future?


Christian Courtin-Clarins: We give each of our brands the means of rising to new challenges. In addition, we will continue the company's responsible approach, as we have for the past 80 years: always giving priority to responsible development in all our creative and industrial processes.


Olivier Courtin-Clarins: It is important to speak more directly to our customers, to affirm our values as a French family group, including on the Internet. Then continue to listen to women and their needs and demand the best for our products.