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President of the Supervisory Board


A business school graduate, oldest son of the founder, Christian Courtin-Clarins joined the family brand in 1974 to expand it internationally. As Director of Exports, he opened 128 countries to Clarins products and care methods. Very quickly, he also got involved in communications with a real guideline: represent the influence of a woman consistent with the times, revealing the natural beauty of all women. With no famous muses, Christian instead would seek to show the diversity of women that Clarins could serve.
In 2000, he became Chairman of the Board for the Clarins group. Christian Courtin-Clarins has always had a passion for environmental issues. Under his leadership, the group got more involved in the preservation of biodiversity and respect for human beings through supporting associations, the Prix Clarins and empowering thousands of employees around the world. His motto "Clarins makes life more beautiful." became the group's motto.
Passionate, responsive, human, this noble-hearted man has been a man of honor since 2012: the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transportation and Housing dubbed him 'Knight of the Legion of Honor' (the highest decoration in France) for his unwavering support and investment in responsible development.

Managing Director

A medical school graduate, Olivier Courtin-Clarins began his career as an orthopedic surgeon and chief resident at Foch Hospital. Since 1984, he has collaborated with Clarins to create a network of fundamental research laboratories across the globe. Passionate for adventure, he worked part-time at the hospital, and then joined the family company in 1995 after earning his MBA from ESSEC.
A practical scientist, Dr. Olivier Courtin-Clarins is particularly involved in research, the institutes and spas. He also manages acquisitions and internal growth. In 2007, he launched his own line, My Blend, a revolutionary concept of personalized high-end skin care products.
President of the ARP, Association de Recherche sur la Polyarthrite ("Rheumatoid Arthritis Research Association"), a group created by his father in 1989, whose scope he extended in 2006: the ARP became Fondation Arthritis ("Arthritis Foundation") and funds research related to chronic inflammatory arthritis. The Foundation promotes the discovery and evaluation of innovative treatments and contributes to providing information on these diseases through campaigns and training sessions. Always with the same goal in mind: to bring hope to the sick.


Chief Executive Officer


In 1993, after graduating from the Institut Supérieur du Commerce de Paris (with a Master’s in International Business and Marketing), Jonathan joined the International Marketing Division of Clarins. A year later, he left for Australia where he was tasked with developing the Clarins brand. This first experience abroad as Sales Manager showed him the crucial importance of the “field”, where “you can find all the answers”.


This enriching experience opened up the doors to the Export Zone at Clarins head office, and he was appointed Export Director in 1996, working in close collaboration with Christian Courtin-Clarins, one of the company founder’s sons who was at that time President of the International Division. Supported by his teams, he strengthened the position of Clarins in numerous regions of the world including New Zealand, South Africa and of course Asia, a market with great cosmetic potential. It is in this region that he inaugurated and ran the first regional distribution unit based in Singapore. In 1999, he became President of the Asia-Pacific Region and accelerated the presence of the brands over the entire area, opening up the Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese markets. In the field, he continued to put into practice the philosophy of Jacques Courtin-Clarins: “We have millions of customers, but for us, every customer is unique”.


In 2004, Jonathan continued his international progression in the company. He was appointed President of the Canada subsidiary and three years later, became head of the US subsidiary where he faced an important challenge: establish Clarins as the benchmark brands in terms of product quality and the unique relationship it creates and maintains with their clients, and all this in a highly competitive environment.


In 2009, the expertise he successfully acquired on these two markets led to him being made President of North America, then the whole America zone in 2013. Nearly 10 years devoted to managing these subsidiaries gave him a real sense of team spirit, “to succeed, commitment drives performance”. A true team-player and faithful to the Clarins spirit, Jonathan is a strong believer in “people” as a vector of growth and, more and more every day, in Clarins motto, “do more, do better and enjoy doing so”.


In 2015, the Courtin-Clarins family placed him in charge of the comany on a global level, naming him Chief Executive Officer of Clarins, in order to pursue the strategy of sustainable growth while respecting its fundamental values. Working together to develop the brands with the client, quality and service as top priorities, strengthening the brand’s innovative spirit through R&D, bio-inspiration and digital while also creating value and pursuing Clarins' commitment to responsible beauty… this is the mission Jonathan has been entrusted with, while always keeping in mind Clarins own entrepreneurial, human and family business culture.


One of his objectives is to help brands continuously reinvent themselves while capitalizing on their differences and assets: listening to and respecting clients, an innate sense of ongoing innovation, creative daring, unique means of expression, a genuine taste for service and an authentic message.


In other words, embody the company’s promise, made over 65 years ago: “to make life more beautiful” for the client, staff or the planet, with humility, perseverance and passion. “Our success must be guided by the vision of a family who has promised to listen to and love women, to offer them the best products and to give every one of them a unique experience.”