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Chaired by Dr Olivier Courtin-Clarins, the Arthritis Foundation is now headed by Lionel Comole, an automotive engineer and racing car driver, who suffers from ankylosing spondylitis. The latter, a top sportsman who has never abandoned his passion, brings a message of hope and courage.
The Arthritis Foundation was originally ARP (Rheumatoid Arthritis Research Association) created in 1989 at the instigation of two company heads: Jacques Courtin-Clarins, whose wife suffered from severe rheumatoid arthritis, and Denis Bloch, whose son aged about ten years old at the time had been diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis.
This association works on two fronts: the medical side, by supporting Research into the causes of the most severe forms of joint disease, and the discovery and evaluation of innovative therapies; and the media side, by informing the public about these diseases, their prevention, and improving patients’ quality of life.
Alongside his father, Dr Olivier Courtin-Clarins transformed this association into the Arthritis Foundation. This registered charity is the leading private fund-raising initiative in the area of severe rheumatism.
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