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Azzaro believes that life is a buzzing playground, an endless summer, an eternal sparkle. And this was how its founder, Loris Azzaro, who created the brand in 1967, lived his life. Passion, flamboyance and daring were always his guides.
Created by Loris Azzaro, Azzaro pour Homme was designed to appeal to women: its designer had the feeling they would buy it... for their men! And it’s perhaps for this reason that the fragrance has met with lasting success: launched in 1978, it is the top seller in Brazil and one of the best-selling men's fragrances in Europe.
This exceptional fragrance, a benchmark in the “aromatic fougère” family, is 50% composed of fine natural materials. A luxury when you consider the price of these rare ingredients... With a Mediterranean vibe and elegant virility, it perpetuates the friendly spirit of its designer.
For Chrome, his second great fragrance for men, Loris Azzaro was inspired by the relationship with his grandson Romain and the bond between men. The result is a groundbreaking woody fragrance, characterized by an aquatic freshness.
With Azzaro Wanted launched in 2016, the brand tells the story of a Wanted man, a desired hero. Azzaro Wanted is the fragrance of a man for whom everything is possible and who succeeds at all he does. A woody spicy hesperidia fragrance with captivatingly elegant lingering notes, revealing a man who is flamboyant, free, brilliant, sunny and magnetic. Men envy him and women desire him. He lives his life as he pleases, ready to follow his instinct and change the rules of the game at any moment.
Constantly searching for new emotions, Azzaro composes its fragrances in collaboration with the most talented designers and showcases its olfactory expertise through the selection of fine ingredients, the majority of which have been responsibly developed. The result is unique, irresistible fragrances that allow you to live the present moment to the full, desire the impossible, create a surprise or make your own luck… and become what you really are!